Studio Fit incorporates Functional training with EMS (electro muscle stimulation) training. EMS TRAINING uses electrical current to stimulate the muscles, the same way our central nervous system sends electrical impulses to the brain. This can be done because the muscles naturally contract in response to electrical signals sent by the brain, and the SPEEDtrainer is replicating these impulses causing muscles to contract on command. Together with your personal trainer, you will do a 15 minute customised EMS training programme ACTIVATING over 150 times more muscle contractions than conventional workouts. We recommend a 15 minute EMS training session at least twice a week with a 45 minute Funtional training session – this is all it takes to achieve fast, visible and tangible results. Other packages are on offer.

Depending on your fitness level and specific fitness goals, your training session is either low intensity with basic exercises to awaken muscles or a high intensity workout, with strong contractions and dynamic exercises to activate deep muscle growth. Studio Fit trainers customise the workout to suit their clients’ needs: including muscle building; toning; cardio programmes and fat and cellulite reduction regimes. Studio Fit turns resolutions into solutions and helps maintain the healthier you. Feel confident and achieve your fitness goals in a fast, convenient and effective way.

No matter whether you wish to lose body fat, tighten your skin, build up lean muscle tissue or just shaping and toning.

  • Gain of lean muscle mass - Works muscles evenly and effectively.
  • All over strengthening - Gives you a full body work out in just 15 minutes.
  • Activating of muscle fibre - muscle will be contracted without tearing or harming of the muscle fibre – achieving a consistent and extensive muscle contraction.
  • Shaping and toning - SPEEDtraining works all the muscles (more than 500) simultaneously.
  • Relief of back pain - With minimal movement and only using body weight there is no extra pressure on the back.
  • Cellulite reduction - Speedtrainer has a program specialized to target cellulite and water retention.
  • Increased fitness level - Muscles are contracting 150 times more than in conventional training.
  • Increased metabolism - SPEEDTrainer assists in speeding up metabolism as you train.
  • Increased strength - SPEEDTrainer is great for high performance training, it is easy to focus on specific muscle groups.
  • Skin tightening - firms loose skin and tones with EMS training.

Functional training

As much as we see amazing results with EMS training, we have put together a package for you to have a skilled Personal Fitness Trainer guide you in a 45 minute Functional training session and move you more speedily towards your fitness goals. We pride ourselves on individual programs for one on one attention or in a group setting (max 5), to give you the workout your body deserves, to be a better, healthier, stronger you and start feeling good.

Group sessions give the same results as one on one training. High intensity programmes that have been proven to give fast results. Sessions include body weight and resistance training as well as all round cardio. A great supplement to EMS training, in order to improve strength and endurance. This combination of EMS training and Functional training is what sets us apart from other EMS studios.

Functional training is a form of exercise that strengthens your muscles in the way that they are intended to be used. Natural movements in functional training will improve your body’s daily functioning along with strength and weight loss benefits.

Personal Trainer

Founder of Studio Fit, Amber Vinhas was as a young scholar already interested and involved in sports and fitness. After studying a degree in Sport Science at the University of Pretoria’s High Performance Centre (HPC) which is the training ground for tomorrow’s sporting champions, she also completed her PGA. It was here that she developed her passion for the Sports and Nutrition Industry and which has led her to becoming the face of Studio Fit South Africa.

As an avid golfer Amber represented central Gauteng in many tournaments throughout her Student life. She continues to play on a social basis (with a handicap of 4) but her real passion is fitness and training.

Her career started in the Golfing industry and thereafter she was involved with VeryWise Nutrition, a company promoting wellness through nutrients and supplements, since their inception in 2011.

Studio Fit came about when Amber realized, as an entrepreneur, that she wanted to be more involved personally with individuals wanting to change their lifestyles. The Studio gives a platform for people to have personal interactions with her and for her to share her knowledge through their training and nutrition. After extensive research, she found that EMS training offers an edge to conventional forms of exercise and is ideal for today’s busy lifestyle. Coupled with high intensity functional training, which she believes is the most effective way of shaping your body, she wanted to find a way to give this whole package to people at a more affordable price and in less time.


We have month to month, 6 and 12 month contract options. All contracts are subject to 1 month notice. 6 and 12 month contracts will attract a cancellation fee if cancelled early.

6 Month
12 Month
In a hurry package R 800 R 720 R 680
Cancel fee N/A R 480 R 1440
1x EMS per week
All rounder beginner package R 1200 R 1080 R 1020
Cancel fee N/A R 720 R 2160
1x EMS plus 1x Functional training per week
Extra punch package R 1840 R 1660 R 1570
Cancel fee N/A R 1000 R 2500
2x EMS plus 1x Functional training per week
Extreme fitness junkie package R 2120 R 1910 R 1810
Cancel fee N/A R 1000 R 2500
2x EMS plus 2x Functional training per week

*Note: We don't recommend committing to more than 5 sessions per week.
**Note: 10% discount for all midday midweek members (all training between 10am and 2pm)
***Note: Clients are required to wear cotton clothes and training shoes to every session.

Speedtrainer device

Please contact us for more information on our Corporate wellness offering.


Pricing Calculator

Or, simply use the table below to enter the number of weekly sessions to create your own tailor made package that suits your desired goals and time constraints.

Type Per week Monthly 6

*Pricing may vary to final quote/contract.




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